[how is the face in grail chicken done

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Have been to the person of Xinjiang area, be not Changshu all to grail chicken certainly, grail chicken is Xinjiang area has one of representative cate most, in last few years, xinjiang cate popularity arrives countrywide each district, be in a lot of places to be able to eat grail chicken so, completely of lubricious fragrance of this kind of chicken, make a person special have appetite it seems that, tasted flavour is first-rate also, a lot of people do not know how to make the range inside grail chicken, will learn authentic way below.

How is the face in grail chicken done?

How is the noodle of grail chicken done?

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Flour joins salt and water to knead into a bit good dough


After the dough roll with good Tang becomes big chip, cut into wide


In leaving boiling water boiler, thoroughly cook


The noodle that has boiled fish out


Drumstick abluent


Qing Gongjiao is abluent, tomato patch flay


Ginger, garlic, Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, balm, anise, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaDo chili


Potato of black red any of several hot spice plants parts stripping and slicing


drumstick chop piece


Gallinaceous piece is abluent the drop after hematic water works


Heat is oily, enter chicken piece


Will gallinaceous piece breaks up fry to become angry, water divides desiccate


Join cooking wine breaks up fry


Join aniseed of Chinese prickly ash t[……]

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[what the zhongzi wraps is too salty how to do]

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Wrapping a zhongzi also is to need certain craftsmenship, if be stuffing stuff is good without modulation can let zhongzi whole a few changes produce above flavour, especially zhongzi Bao Taixian can make people special do not love to eat, and eating too salty food is to be able to make the kidney of people appears a few problems, still can join a few cheese, can make so saline taste becomesShanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a netA few weaker, taste can let flavour become very delicious.

 What the zhongzi wraps is too salty how to do

Secret recipe 1 water ice is goluptious Zong

Raw material: Zhongzi, ice cube, ormosia is sanded.

Practice: Thoroughly cook the zhongzi, the air in be being put in transparent dish is cool. Wait for after the zhongzi is completely fully cool, use ice cube planing machine of water ice machine to spend a shop to be on fully cool zhongzi into ice, put sand of a few ormosia on glacial sand next, still can irrigate the on a bit fruit juice that oneself like even.

Secret recipe the 2 carrot that bake Zong

Raw material: Sauce of pepper of type of zhongzi, corn, carrot, olive oil, salt, Han, cheese.

Practice: Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an areaCarrot man and corn put a bit salt and olive oil; to put right amount Han Shi after scald water first pepper sauce mix is even, after pouring the amount of 2/3 into tinfoil box; to cut the zhongzi into small, even shop is in; of face of Ding Shang of corn, carrot becomes cheese planing machine scatter after silk above, put oven inside, roas[……]

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[stew phoenix claw tomato patch]

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Stewing phoenix claw tomato patch is potato flay stripping and slicing, become gallinaceous ungual chop next two half hind, gallinaceous claw has scald water, can follow gallinaceous claw potato to be put together next it is OK to stew half hour slow edible. Stew phoenix claw to contain a lot of starch and collagen protein tomato patch, to alleviating the skin is flabby and improving appetite is very good, everybody can learn potato to stew the making method of phoenix claw, next oneself start work go learning make.

 Stew phoenix claw tomato patch


Gallinaceous claw, tomato patch, green pepper, oily, green, ginger, garlic, do chili, juice of braise in soy sauce, unripe smoke, cooking wine wait


1. chicken ungual half-and-half dissections, was opposite the fingernail of gallinaceous claw remembers cut off

Stripping and slicing of 2. potato flay, green pepper stripping and slicing, ginger flay section, dry chili is cut paragraph, garlic is patted flat

3. has oily pot, jiang Pian, garlic, dry chili explodes sweet, join chicken next claw breaks up fry

Be buried beans is added to break up after 4. chicken claw becomes angry fry

5. is joined next cooking wine, unripe smoke and elder brother of juice of braise in soy sauce two spoon (like taste weak can add one spoon to be born only smoke) break up fry equably

6. adds water

 Stew phoenix claw tomato patch

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7. waterShanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a netDo not have surfeit material slightly can, after water le[……]

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[the effect of broil loquat leaf and action]

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Broil loquat leaf everybody is to won’t think of to have any effect and action, just know loquat this kind of fruit can be achieved later in edible relieve a cough expectorant effect, because ofFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneThis can eat a few loquat when him cough process is medium, can achieve remedial goal so, but the officinal value that actually loquat leaf itself wants to compare loquat namely is more rich, it is a kind when belong to Chinese traditional medicine, can have the effect that heats up to a clear lung.

 The effect of broil loquat leaf and action


Mature loquat smell is sweet, nutrition quite abundant, all sorts of fructose, dextrose, Potassium, phosphor, iron, calcium and vitamin A, B, C waits. Carotene content is in the center in each fruit for1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai3. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks loquat fructification has embellish lung, relieve a cough, stop thirsty effect. When eating loquat, want to decorticate. Eat besides delicacy outside, also have make syrup can with loquat flesh, or with loquat brew. Loquat is leaf, fruit and nucleus contain almond tree glucoside no matter.

 The effect of broil loquat leaf and action


Loquat leaf also is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, be used as medicine with insolation of chunk loquat leaf, have clear lungForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiThe stomach is hot, fall the function with phlegmy aerification, often have make with other medicinal material ” loquat of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb creams[……]

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[how to do bittern bean curd]

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Bean curd is a kind of traditional cate, it is the ancients wisdom crystallization in dietary respect, the nutrient value of bean curd is very high, contain a lot ofvegetable protein, have very good additional effect to the body, and the cooking method of bean curd is very much also, among them, bittern bean curd is among them very welcome practice, pot-stewed fowl makes the mouthfeel of bean curd much better, leave deep impression more easily to the person. Look to do bittern bean curd below?

 How to do bittern bean curd

Bittern common says bittern, weak cling to, it is the by-product that produces sea salt, bittern bittern of complain of suffering, bittern is alkaline, it is by seawater or saline water makes saline hind, remain the mother liquor within salt pond, bases has calcium of magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, chloridize and sodium chloride to wait, taste is bitter, poisonous. Evaporate magnesium chloride of the separate out after refrigeration is crystal, call bittern piece. Bittern piece dissolve calls bittern at water, it is the coagulating agent with commonly used bean curd of our country production, can make protein solution condenses into gel. Do with bitternForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netThe bean curd that coagulating agent makes, hardness, flexibility and tenacity are stronger, call old bean curd, or boreal bean curd, hard bean curd.

1, dry beans chooses foreign matter and not quite good bean, with hour of 14-16 of clear le[……]

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