[how judgement arbutus is bad]

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Red bayberry is the more welcome fruit in the fruit, red bayberry can control a bacterium, still can prevent apoplectic, red bayberry is OK still hairdressing is raised colour, female friend can take Yang Mei appropriately at ordinary times, when we are buying Yang Mei, a lot of people won’t carry Yang Mei, the Yang Mei that perhaps buys the home to go put time to grow alsoShanghai noble baby communicates an area Forum of Shanghai noble babyDo not know good, do not know how to judge Yang Mei to be had bad, how is judgement arbutus bad? Next we look.

 How judgement arbutus is bad

One. How is judgement arbutus bad?

It is the divisional method of the Yang Mei on the market first, see its color above all, be like colored become weak and even more very person not fresh; 2 it is to see its the face has white material, having also is not fresh, 3 it is to go the model is felt, if soft soft, also be not fresh so, of course you can be tasted more; And should see Yang Mei delicious be about to see Yang Mei’s color, color is done not have bright redly ripe, still take sick at heart, everybody must not choose, should carry those red violet alternate with most Gan Tian, too violet also do not want.

 How judgement arbutus is bad

2. Save a method

Next I give what everybody introduces Yang Mei to save a method, can freeze generally speaking, insolation, but save actually before long, and wine of make it arbutus or red bayberry sauce rises quite more a few more abiding, flavor is more unique also, it is the practice of red bayberr[……]

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[the effect of carapace of hot wood seed

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Hot wood seed is a kind of commonner health food, using recuperation body effect is first-rate, most person is in seed of edible hot wood when, general meeting throws away the skin of hot wood seed directly, actually hot Mu Ziquan is treasure personally, the leather nutrition value of hot wood seed also is very tall, use bubble water to drink right healthy also have profit, hot Mu Ziquan is treasure personally, no matter be leafShanghaiSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum Shanghai Long Feng forum1000 beautiful community 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend, still be fructification, or the skin is provided1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendHave very high nutrition value.

What does the effect of carapace of hot wood seed have?

What effect does the carapace of hot wood seed have?

The nutlet of seed of appearance unlike hot wood of hot wood seed in that way nutrition is rich, its appearance basically contains many prandial fiber, plant alkaline, amino acid, mineral and a few vitamin and more carbohydrate. Hot wood seed is cortical and abrade water edible can rush directly after becoming powder, can compensatory amino acid and prandial fiber, have promote digest, enhance immune force to reach alleviate costive action.

The note of skin of seed of edible hot wood

Skin of seed of 1. hot wood is in abrade circumstance issues best bubble water to drink, still do not swallow well, content of this crude fibre is higher, take directly very indigestible.

Skin of seed of 2. hot wood grinds wear is divided or bubble water is drunk also do not suit many edib[……]

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[royal jelly is OK and refrigerant]

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The nutrient value of royal jelly and price should cream than honey a lot of, after buying royal jelly to come home so, everybody wants special attention to save a method, do not let royal jelly produce addle phenomenon. And rise quite with honey, of royal jelly protect quality time and save a method the metropolis is more complex. Metropolis choice freezer is refrigerant when average household is keeping thing of suffer form indigestion save, so can royal jelly enter freezer refrigerant save?

Royal jelly is OK and refrigerant

Royal jelly is OK and refrigerant

Royal jelly is OK and refrigerant. Royal jelly avoids in microtherm light is saved best, the refrigerator that the family uses lasts a temperature is average in 0 ~ 8 ℃ are controlled (temperature is higher if often attending a meeting freezer so) , layer of freezer cold storage is in – 2 ℃ ~ – 10 ℃ left and right sides, last the layer can save royal jelly 20 days ~ does not deteriorate 30 days, and cold storage layer saves time of half an year at most. Be refrigerated without microtherm on the route that the concern after some consumer are bought is coming home or takes an other place and broken, of this respect be anxious is redundant, because normal temperature falls (20 ℃ are controlled) royal jelly can save 3 ~ 5 days not to deteriorate.

If one-time the royal jelly that buys 2kg above is afraid of have not enough time edible also need not worry, take royal jelly of 250g ~ 500g to be put in freezer to last first laye[……]

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[Icelandic tea how bubble? ]

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Icelandic it is Home Xiaoguo, because all the year round so local person lives chill between glacial house. In daily life, have a kind1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touchTea also with Icelandic about, because was included among its name Icelandic two words. Actually Icelandic tea also is a kind of Pu’er tea, taste is very good. Want to buy drunk word, should understand accurate strong bubble method to just go ahead of schedule. So, icelandic tea how bubble?

Icelandic tea how bubble?

Develop bubble above all the control that the recipe of Icelandic tea depends on temperature, you need to build a bowl greatly only, first 7g tea prize1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiMedicinal powder devoted Gai Wanzhong. Water lukewarm control wakes to about 85 ℃ tea, edge of bowl of the edge when affusion is noted gently, do not let the tuck diveseethe end the leaf as far as possible. Water lukewarm control goes to about 95 ℃ later undertake developing bubble, edge of bowl of the edge when affusion is noted gently, do not use foliaceous base.

The first bubble develops second of bubble time 2-3, achieve wash tea and wake the effect of tea, do not make drinkable;

The 2nd bubble, the 3rd bubble shoulds not be too long to bubble time, 5-6 second but, the fragrance that this two bubble experience tea and answer pleasant.

Icelandic tea how bubble?

The 4th bubble, the 5th bubble experiences second tea promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid degree a few bubble develop bubble normally at the back of; ,[……]

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[unripe oyster is right feminine effect and action]

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Unripe oyster is the food that a kind of a lot of people like to eat, among them nutrient material content is richer, take the word of a few unripe oyster right amountly, also having very big stimulative effect to human body health, eat unripe oyster for example, can treat anaemia, restore exhaustion, purify gore, stimulative metabolism, grow Rong Yangyan, be helpful for alleviating fatigue, raise immune force to wait. Below, it is everybody introduction1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiGive birth to the effect effect of oyster!

Unripe oyster is right feminine effect and action

1, cure is anaemic

Because oyster contains iron and copper, the cure of anaemia of peculiar to the female iron lack sex is most quite effective.

2, restore exhaustion

The amino acid that contains in oyster can raise the hepatic function, stockpile that restrains lactic acid, what the help accelerates fatigue refreshment and physical strength is promotional.

3, purify extravasated blood

Ostracean bovine sulphur is acerbity the arteriosclerosis to because of gore generation, have very good precaution effect with block of the narrow heart disease that causes subsequently, miocardial infarction, head.

4, stimulative metabolism

Some amino acid are contained in oyster, inferior lead mineral with the vitamin, can make haemal loop gets ameliorative, the female’s archenemy, cold blood disease and low blood pressure also can get ameliorative.

5, grow Rong Yangyan

Additional, oyster[……]

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[be pregnant initial stage eats peach]

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The female is pregnant earlier, special attention is wanting on food, cannot have a thing in disorder, if careless thing, the growth that can affect baby likely development, serious likelihood still can cause abortive appearance, peach is common fruit, peach not only nutrient value is high, eat peach to the bodySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum Shanghai Long Feng forumBody health still has profit very much, but everybody knows although peach is good, cannot gluttonous, eat much bad to the body, be pregnant does initial stage eat peach?

 Be pregnant initial stage eats peach

Be pregnant does initial stage eat peach?

Pregnant woman initial stage is to be able to eat peachA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city, peach belongs to lukewarm sex fruit, nutrient part is more substantial. Have distinct effect to treating pneumonia, the pregnant woman that has cough of asthma of fatigue of hypoglycemia, hectic, empty can have a peach-shaped thing.

1, the nutrient value ratio of peach is higher, contain the part such as calcic, phosphor, protein, adipose, candy, iron. The quantity that contain iron and pectic more, so pregnant woman eats peach to be able to prevent and cure anaemic, also can prevent constipation.

2, peach belongs to lukewarm sex fruit, nutrient part is more substantial, have distinct effect to treating pneumonia, the pregnant woman that has cough of asthma of fatigue of hypoglycemia, hectic, empty can eat peach to serve as the content of auxiliary dietotherapy.

3, peac[……]

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[of the previous night of the water earthnut that boil can eat]

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Actually a lot of people pay close attention to a few change of own body exceedingly between the life, above all, everybody may know the food of a lot of of the previous night is inedible, after because eat,be over, be opposite the body is very bad, boil earthnut like water, if weather compares heat, put do not have outside any additive can appear degenerative, should ensure without metamorphism ability can eat first after of the previous night, save a method to also have a lot of about what water boils earthnut. Shanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

 Does water boil earthnut of the previous night to be able to eat

The water earthnut that boil can be put how long

If the wet earthnut that thoroughly cook lays aside freezer to last layer (did not close) can put at most on 3 to 5 days. But not be very good character to protecting so. Had better be to thoroughly cook the quick-freeze layer that puts freezer, such is in power source can be put below normal circumstance on 5 to 8 months. When edible is being taken out when arriving, had better be the evaporate on steam box is put to eat after waiting for proper defrost, can assure once raw ingredient.

Does the water of of the previous night boil earthnut to be able to eat

The water of of the previous night boils earthnutNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the cityCan eat usually.

Burning hot moisture hears summer whether does earthnut appear peculiar smell, whether a few small insect fly round earthnut, feel earthnut to whether have sticky sticky feelin[……]

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