[foot of the cuttlefish pig that stew has what effect]

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This dish returns foot of the cuttlefish pig that stew above the practice actually is to have cultured very much, of the former juice former taste that should preserve these two kinds to feed capable person as far as possible, because this flows,such word just won’t make the nurture among them qualitativeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiOf lose, and this dish is to suit to coming at the female friends among the turn of life very much of edible, such word can improve their fitness, avoid to the skin grows as a result of the age and appear of a few consenescence.

Cuttlefish stews pig foot to have what effect

Study group general prepared Chinese ink is attenuant, in the food and drink that joins experimental chicken with different dosage dissolve, detect later the haemal sample discovery of experimental chicken, much cuttlefish prepared Chinese ink is jumped over in food, oxidation force is fought in the body stronger also. Cuttlefish prepared Chinese ink is added in representing food, besides can enhance immune power besides, also have the effect that fights cancer.

Document of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has account early, cuttlefish prepared Chinese ink but essence of convergent and hemostatic, solid stops belt, make acid decide1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touchSore of collect of painful, dehumidify. Be in clinical on, till cuttlefish prepared Chinese ink basically is made hematic agent, cure gives disease of courage and uprightness, for example: Haemorrhage of function[……]

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[the cookbook having a way of Chinese caterpillar fungus]

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Chinese caterpillar fungus is the abbreviation of aweto, also be one kind is produced from at value of downy area, nutrition particularly tall maintain article, can say even for ” maintain emperor is tasted ” . And in the life, also have many people the body to recuperate oneself, choice Chinese caterpillar fungus comes edible. Actually, of Chinese caterpillar fungus have a way or have a lot of, e.g. lily of congee of lean lean of Chinese caterpillar fungus, Chinese caterpillar fungus tendril-leaved fritillary bulb of 2 ginseng soup, Chinese caterpillar fungus stews old duck to wait.

The cookbook having a way of Chinese caterpillar fungus

One, congee of lean lean of Chinese caterpillar fungus

Material: The stuff of congee of lean lean of the Chinese caterpillar fungus that make is very simple, need to prepare only 3 to 5 aweto, 50 grams are fresh thin pork, 15 grams yam and the hard rice of 100 grams are OK.

Practice: Aweto is abluent, thin pork is abluent cut ground meat, yam is abluent, with pan clean rice puts arenaceous bowl together, add infusion of right amount water to become congee.

Effect: The effect that has damage of empty of kidney of liver of taste of filling energy spirit, beneficial, grow, cure, apply to empty asthma, tuberculosis, long ill body empty, liverShanghai noble baby communicates an area Forum of Shanghai noble babyThe crowd such as cirrhosis of phlogistic, liver is taken.

The cookbook having a way of Chinese caterpillar fungus

2, lily of Chinese caterpillar fungus 2 ginseng soup

Material: The data that place of 2 ginseng soup need[……]

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[how does candy of bovine make friends do without butter

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Candy of bovine make friends is a kind sweet the candy of be bored with, sticky mouth, itA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a citywhat flavour relies on is butter and grandma sweet, but not be each person can accept so grumous flavour, accordingly I can choose to use egg oil or be olive oil will replace butter, if be done not have, vegetable oil also is possible. The way of candy of bovine make friends that does not add butter did not differ, just because lack butter, the candy of bovine make friends that makes can be done not have so slippery tender, and mouthfeel is met all but of in a way, nevertheless to not be to like sweet the meeting is very appropriate.

 How does candy of bovine make friends do without butter

Need not the practice of butter:

Shanghai night net A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a cityForum of Shanghai noble baby Shanghai noble baby

1, 40g milk powder is put in microwave bowl bottom, spun sugar of the 100g on the shop puts microwave oven tall fire above 40 seconds, spun sugar heats ending meeting greatens, become sticky, pour half milk powder to prevent spun sugar sticky go up in the bowl.

2, good precondition nutlet, additional half milk powder, mix with heating spun sugar, make with rubber drawknife they mix adequately as far as possible, wait for all milk powder and nutlet to mix even hind do it again plastic.

3, candy of the make friends that take the advantage of an ox is done not have cool small are broken up when appearing can.

With olive oil, perhaps use below need not butter practice

40g milk powder is pu[……]

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