[paddy rice oil and peanut oil which good? ]

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Oily general component is two kinds big, the biggest kind it is edible kind, the 2nd kind is not edible namely kind, for instance benzine, derv is waited a moment. Rise like what this life flowing water makes the same score, a lot of people had eaten no longer common and lardy, choose the edible oil such as oil of rice of peanut oil, paddy however, because these are oily kind belong to vegetable oil, the photograph is oily to the animal for, not light put on weight. So, when our choose and buy is oily, paddy rice oil and peanut oil which good?

Paddy rice oil and peanut oil which good?

Peanut oilShanghai night net A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The proportion that peanut oil place contains saturated fatty acid, odd not saturated fatty acid and much not saturated fatty acid is 3:4 probably: 3, what of all kinds fatty acid occupies specific gravity to be balanced quite, belong to balanced model the plant is oily.

Compress peanut oil aroma of production is full-bodied, among them the nutrient composition such as vitamin E and carotene is saved more.

Paddy rice oil and peanut oil which good?

A research that Ni Yada of standard of American guest evening learns shows: Peanut oil is prandial with earthnut, peanut butter prandial, all can reduce haemal total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol significantly, in precaution cardiovascular disease respect can produce effect.

Have oily proposal:

? Peanut oil stability is better, can use at daily fried dish, but unwell and operable be fried at exploding or deepfry.

? When bu[……]

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[what do the practice of evaporate steamed stuffed bun and skill have]

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Evaporate steamed stuffed bun should stress regular method and skill, the steamed stuffed bun that such doing come out just can have better mouthfeel, the appearance just is met more denounce happy event, but we know, not be everybody can understand scientificly to these problems, and can skilled, make delicate steamed stuffed bun to can let his be made inside the home so, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendCan look to possess these practices of body introduction and skill for everybody below.

What do the practice of evaporate steamed stuffed bun and skill have

Method one

Love Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the seaPrepare right amount flour.

1. has melted yeast with Wen Shui, can add a bit candy right amountly.

2. pours yeasty water into the agitate in flour to become batt state slowly next, knead smooth dough.

The dough leaven dough such as 3. a paragraphFall in love with the sea Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phoneTime, send before having double big when can.

4. distributes the dough that has sent into even small dough.

5. small dough is pressed flat, use circle of rolling pole roll next, roll when notice the edge is slight, among thick.

On the leather tile leftward with good in roll 6. , put stuffing of ready steamed stuffed bun next, the bag becomes steamed stuffed bun.

7. puts the steamed stuffed bun that includes a model in evaporate of the cap on the lid in steam box.

The water in 8. boiler leaves on be in after steam evaporate 15 minutes good, after shutting fire, do not want a horse to go upForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netOpe[……]

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