[it what body overworked eats is good that what body overworked eats] – of benefit of _ food _

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Overworked is a kind of problem that many people can exist. If be short-term overworked, it is good to need to rest in time only. But if be long-term overworked, be to should notice to rest only not only in daily life so, choose even a few can alleviate the food that exhaustion perhaps improves the health comes edible. So, what food can long-term body overworked eat? Undertake for everybody belowShanghai Long Feng forum

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It what body overworked eats is good that what body overworked eats

, oaten and beneficial heart and vessels

Endocrine metabolization of the male often is destroyed, accordingly they suffer from more easily hypertensive, apoplectic wait for a disease. And vitamin E can prevent cholesterol to jam hemal, the rubbish inside cleared body.

Vitamin E is contained in oil of coarse food grain, nut, vegetable, so men should eat this kind of food more. Beautiful state-operated raises Ni learning the home base · library1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Bai Ke expresses, especially oaten, it is contained rich but dissolve cellulose, but the heart that through clearing cholesterol protects you and blood-vessel. In a few case, oaten the odds that reduces heart disease risk was achieved 30% , taller even.

It what body overworked eats is good that what body overworked eats

2, bright jujubeShanghai night net

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Tackle high-pressured job

Because the male is long-term in the job, family and society the part that acts an undertaker, because this is in high-pressured condition for a long time, need compensatory nutrition more. Often the person of mental insecurity, can eat everyday 3 to 5 bright jujubes, with compensatory vitamin C, handle the work.

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Outside, the food with vitamin C rich content still has yangtao, orange, orange, green cauliflower, asparagus to wait, bright red gown can help adrenal coriaceous element (a kind of hormone that resists pressure) secrete, defy thereby pressure.

3, garlic alleviates exhaustion

People knows, garlic has powerful antiseptic force, can eliminate invade the bacteria inside body. But do you know? It returns conduce vitamin the absorption of B1, the metabolism of stimulative saccharide in order to produce energy, alleviate fatigue. Forum of Shanghai night net

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The use that garlic cannot ignore another times promotes immunity force namely, the Selenium that contains among them changes lead to still be had fight oxidation, because this is regarded as,prevent cancerous food.

It what body overworked eats is good that what body overworked eats

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Human head ministry has the water of 75% , the organ that dehydration affects the first times is a head, moisture is too little, can let person exhaustion, reaction slow. Unluckily man one busy rise, often forgot to drink water, if use beverage or Shang Bu to fill the moisture inside body, add quantity of heat with respect to meeting apprentice, make body get fat. Accordingly, drink water more between eat and eat as far as possible. For example, take the office, the water that pours 500 milliliter immediately is put on the desk, force oneself to be free to be drunk, and drink before lunch. One day should drink 1200 milliliter water at least, be equivalent to two bottles of mineral water.