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This kind of food believes soja a lot of people are exceedingly familiar, it is the soya bean that people often says among daily life, but soja just has one sort to fasten not just, rife sort includes among soja, amount to ten kinds, today small make up introduce soja to have how many sort for everybody, these sort have is what legume breed respectively. So, which legume does soja include?

Soja includes which legume

The first, which legume does soja include? Common breed has legume: Beans of hyacinth bean, soja, horsebean, pea, gram, bean, sword bean, wood, 4 arris beans, chick-pea, lentil, Bai Yudou, red bean. It is hyacinth bean belongs to a plant, for intertropical, semi-tropical area common the legume that help advance somebody’s career. Perennial twines a plant. Flocculus 3, form of egg of broad triangle shape, stipule radical ministry is worn unripe. Lubricious or grey is purple, 2 at most fascicular go up at racemose section. Pod quadrature circle, compressed, the brim has small protruding to nod; seed slightly flat, white or violet black. TenderA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Pod offers cooked food, mature seed contains protein 21.5% , offer edible. Be used as medicine have go Shi Zhigong.

Soja includes which legume

The 2nd, red bean, function of renown ormosia, red bean: Divide hot poison, medicinal powder evil blood. Disappear bilges full, benefit pee, connect breast. Besides boil directly outside feeding, it is the main raw material that makes food use sweetened bean paste. Make stuffing of fabaceous noodle, cake with red bean, compound acting provision, added the variety of design and color of food industry cake, improved people to live. The meal congee that red bean makes, soup is delicate and goluptious, old young happy event feeds ice-cream of; red bean, lubricious delicate beautiful, it is the summer cold drinks and snacks that is full of gust, its skin can abstract pigment.

Soja includes which legume

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Which legume does soja include? Function of black soya bean: Sexual flavour pleasant, smooth, avirulent. Have water of invigorate the circulation of blood, benefit, dispel the wind, clear heat alexipharmic, alimentary the function that black of be good at blood, filling empty sends. Skin of black soya bean is black, contain cyanine element, cyanine element is very good antioxidant origin, the freedom inside can cleared body base, fall in acidity environment of the stomach especially, it is good to defy oxidation result, raise Yan Meirong, increase peristalsis of intestines and stomach. Rich vitamin is contained in black soya beanA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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E, VE also is a kind of antioxidant, the freedom inside can cleared body base, reduce the skinForum of Shanghai night net

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Furrow, keep green and strong and handsome. Black soya beanShanghai night net

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Crude fibre content is as high as 4% in, often feed black soya bean to be able to offer the crude fibre in food, promote digest, prevent costive happening.