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Compare common seafood at a kind, and shrimp flesh cent is a lot of kinds of types, billabong shrimp also is the flesh of commonner a kind of shrimp on diet, the flavour of billabong shrimp is delicate, more delicious, it is to belong to shrimp of a kind of fresh water, nutrient value also is sure to abound, the nurture that place of OK and compensatory body needs is qualitative, also can have nourishing effect to human body, also can prevent disease of a few bodies.

Is billabong shrimp seafood?

Is billabong shrimp seafood?

Billabong shrimp is fresh water shrimp, base surrounding shrimp is sea shrimp.

Billabong shrimp belongs to shrimp of division of long arm shrimp, billabong to belong to. Shrimp of famous billabong of collect family name is individual the biggest fresh water shrimp kind. Distributing at southern foreland, zhejiang is filled downstream in Pu riverForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Produce this shrimp, its are individual big, can rival with photograph of shrimp of billabong of collect family name, discover the biggest male is individual amount to 200 grams, fleshy flavour is delicious. Style quality with white transparent for many, can change as environment and water quality, comfortable lukewarm range is wide, 35 ℃ of 5 ℃ ~ all can live, the most comfortable Wen Wei 28 ℃ of 20 ℃ ~ , PH value is 6.3 ~ 7.5. Its are shrimp of wide salt sex kind, the young in bayou area of salty, fresh water lives, can live in low salinity and pure fresh water.

Is billabong shrimp seafood?

Knife forehead new prawn also says ” base surround shrimp ” , ” alone horny new prawn ” . Soft Jia Gang, prawn division. Body length 8cm is controlled. Body watch has a lot of hollow part, be born on its have undercoat. Frontal eminence is flat, only upper edge provides 7-9 tine. Head cuirass provides branchial backbone of apparent heart branchial channel and heart, liver channel is apparent, the thorn that provide liver, antenna thorn reachs the thorn on the eye, without buccal thorn. Before 3 pairs of conditions are sufficient provide base pitch thorn, the first condition is sufficient provide a section thorn, the 5th condition is sufficient the limb outside notting have, section of the 7th bosom has side branchial, the 3rd another name for Hubei province is sufficient without limb branchial. It is important economy is planted, to breed an object artificially.

Nutrition is rich, its flesh is qualitative loose, easy digest, frail to the body and the person that build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food needs after disease is wonderful food; rich magnesium is contained in shrimp, can very good protection cardiovascular system, it can reduce content of the cholesterol in blood, prevent arteriosclerosis, return can outspread coronary artery at the same time, be helpful for preventing flesh of shrimp of dead; of hypertension and cardiac muscle stalk to still have filling kidney Zhuang Yang, connect breast to resist the essence of the poison, solid that raise blood, detoxify that change Yu, increase gas grow this world, know wind appetizing and acetanilide, expectorant wait for effect.

Is billabong shrimp seafood?

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The crus that the old people in the person; with faint foot of sterility of Wei of Xu Yang of ill patient of old people, pregnant woman, heart and vessels, kidney, male, waist is short of calcic be caused by is jerky person.

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1, shrimp is change thing of swift as the wind, suffer from the skin Sao such as poison of disease of skin eczema, tinea, dermatitis, sore urticant disease person and flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability person diet;

2, the constitution is allergic, if suffer from the irritability rhinitis, bronchitic, old people that turns over recrudesce to make sexual irritability dermatitis to should not be,eat shrimp;

3, during taking vitamin C in great quantities, should avoid to have shrimp.

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