[honey and sweet potato can eat together] – of contraindication of food of _ yam _

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Honey and yam are at ordinary times most common feed capable person, everybody knows honey using nourishing body effect is first-rate, the nutrient material in honey is rife, often edible is very much to healthy gain, prandial fibrous content also is very tall in yam, both it is OK of edible, the word of an edible, to treating costive effect it is very good, do not cross sweet potato had better not one-time eat too much.

 Can honey and sweet potato eat together

Yam contains a lot ofprandial fiber, Potassium, Tie Hewei to give birth to the nutriment such as element B6, and quantity of heat is very low. The category of congeneric sweet potato such as yam and violet potato. Sweet potato can be divided for hearts, Huang Xin, Bai Xin, purple heart many breed, they differ somewhat except color and mouthfeel outside, the difference of nutrient value is not big.

The characteristic with the biggest sweet potato is to contain abound and admirable prandial fiber, be helpful for peristalsis of intestines and stomach, can make a person smooth defecate, still be helpful for eliminating constellation. Western medicine thinks, defecate is smooth, be helpful for digesting, absorb, reach the buildup of immune force.

The wife hasYam 6 benefit

, gymnastical delay is old

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National cancer prevents a research that the institute published last year to point out as a result, are a kind of some special part contained in yam? ? Dehydrogenation expresses male ketone, this kind of hormone can defer consenescence. And academy of nutrition of American Stanford university also confirmed this kind of view through the experiment.

2, hairdressing is raised colour

Yam place contains mucus albumen to be able to preserve the flexibility of hemal wall, the happening that prevents sclerosis of arterial congee appearance the green former acid in; yam, can restrain blackLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The generation of element, prevent the occurrence of fleck and old person spot. The estrogen in yam, have maintain human body skin exquisite, reduce hypodermic and adipose accumulation and embellish skin, anti-creasing, hairdressing to raise Yan Zhi function.

3, conduce reduces weight

Yam conduces to reduce weight, because the prandial fiber in yam conduces to the eduction of the adipose, candy in stimulative food,be, and adipose send a person just about with candy fat ” prime criminal ” . Additional, after eating yam, the person that take food produces hungry feeling not easily, this greatly1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Reduced the number of snacks.

 Can honey and sweet potato eat together

Yam and other vegetable are different, it still contains more starch and the high grade protein that measure certainly, can be absorbed to use by human body, act as even wrap an abdomen with. because of such, a lot of females regard it as the first selection food that reduce weight.

4, prevent and cure constipation

Yam contains a large number of prandial fiber, cannot be digested to absorb inside alvine path, can exciting bowel, enhance peristalsis, aperient platoon is poisonous, have better curative effect to senile sex constipation especially.

5, prevent cancer fights cancer

The lysine with indispensible human body is contained not only in yam, still contain very rich carotene, can restrain epithelial unusual become divided, enhance power of human body immunity, the protein in preventing carcinogenic substance and nucleolus is united in wedlock. In recent years, the clinical trial of American Philadelphia hospital makes clear, from the emasculate ketone that the extraction in yam gives, restrain the happening of colonic cancer and breast cancer effectively.

6, control blood sugar

Yam is had fight diabetic action certainly. A of Austrian Vienna university clinical research discovers, 2 model the diabetic is taking Bai PiForum of Shanghai noble baby

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After yam extracts content, its insulin sensitivity gets ameliorative, conduce to control blood sugar.

 Can honey and sweet potato eat together

Although yam is good, but should make it develops first-rate health care1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Effect, must science reasonably edible. One of, yam must evaporate is ripe boil eat again fully, in case among them starch digests; hard in gastric bowel secondly, because the content containing sugar of yam is higher, because of this unfavorable overfeeding, in case abdominal and unwell; thirdly, dyspepsia of wet block taste, stagnation of the circulation of vital energy person Ying Shen feeds yam; finally, yam cannot with persimmon, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Tomato, liquor, crab, banana is equal feed, intestines and stomach bleeds or cause gastric ulcer in case.