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Soya bean also is called sojaShanghai noble baby

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The person is OK edible, but digest bad or it is to liver disease still has nephrosis and digestibility ulcer to wait the patient of the disease a moment not to suggest edible, the practice of soya bean has a lot of, can make according to oneself taste, often eat soya bean to be able to become cleverer, reduce the odds of hemal sclerosis, especially the female can eat soya bean more, still canFall in love with the sea

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How is soya bean done delicious?

Practice one

Put dry soya bean in boiler not to fall directly oily

Break up with scoop fry fry 6 minutes to soya bean ripe, fill dish.

Pour oil in boiler next, prepare the green ginger, condiment such as chili

Put in green ginger after the heat that wait for oil next fry soft-boiled soya bean to be put in, add water, add condiment, bean fry ripe when put chili

Stop 3 minutes two are filled again dish.

How is soya bean done delicious?

Practice 2

1 soya bean shifts to an earlier date a few hours bubble hair

The soya bean of hair of 2 preparation oyster sauce, white sugar, bubble

The soya bean that 3 bubble send is put in electric rice cooker, join 1/3 spoon white sugar

4 join one spoon then oyster sauce

5 add one rice bowl to rinse next

6 press next cooking to bolt, wait for makings juice to work almost can put out power source, but do not open a meal firstNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Bao lid, let heating power make soya bean squashy, more tasty

How is soya bean done delicious? A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Small doohickey

1, heating power allows after putting out power source slowly on stew a few hours, soya bean skin can work, have more chew degree.

2, the flavour of oyster sauce soya bean that boils with electric rice cooker is full-bodied, nutrition is able to withhold, oven bakes took easy suffer from excessive internal heat.

3, like to have chew those who spend, can take out air to eat again. I am preferred thoroughlied cook eat ~ immediately

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The effect of soya bean and action

1. reduces a female the turn of life asks for a symptom integratedly

Soja different yellow ketone is a kind of structure and estrogen likeness, have the plant sex estrogen of estrogen active, consenescence of defer female cell, make the skin keeps stretch, raise colour, reduce bone to lose, stimulative bone is generated, fall hematic fat.

2. prevents blood-vessel sclerotic

Prevent hemal sclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease, protect a heart, the lecithin in soja still has the effect that avoids the stockpile inside liver to cross greasily fat, because of,prevent and cure effectively thereby fat and the fatty liver that cause.

3. makes brains clever

In right amount at ordinary times eat soya bean more, still can achieve the effect with senile and gawkish precaution effectively. And the material that still contains a kind of alcohol calling steriod in soya bean, its can effective addition nerve function, accelerate the effect of its vigor thereby.

4. falls candy, fall fat

A kind of material that restrains pancreatin is contained in soja, right diabetic have remedial effect. Glucoside has the black that soja place contains to fall apparently hematic fat action, in the meantime, can restrain gain weight.

5. beauty is white protect skin

Improve skin consenescence effectively, still have at the same time alleviate the effect of syndrome of the turn of life. Pass the experimental discovery of Japanese researcher at the same time, the linoleic acid that contains in soya bean can prevent the synthesis of the melanin in skin cell effectively.

6. precaution cancer

Have the effect that prevents cancer happening, it has different cancer certain inhibition. Among them especially to breast cancer, its low-key effect is most apparent.