[head stubble leek took easy get ill, be true? Won’t occupied? ] how does _ answer – of contraindication of thing _ food

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Leek is especially other in our life common, but eat leek a lot of people can abstain from somewhat, especially the old person that a few have experience quite1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Can say head stubble leek cannot eat, because leek is hair content,basically be, ate to cause skin disease easily, resemble sending rash or be sore itchs wait, still having is the part that head stubble leek often included a lot of agriculture chemical, the health that had pair of bodies not beneficial, but the nutrition of leek is very rich, contain rich vitamin C and carotene, very helpful still to the health of the body.

Head stubble leek took easy get ill, be true? Won't occupied?

Leek flavour is delicious, contain vitamin C and vitamin B1 and carotene, leek still contains fineShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Dimension element, can promote alvine path peristalsis, prevent constipation. But come how many years a kind of view that follow comes down, it is leek cannot take a crop.

Leave in Chun Nuanhua actually when, a lot of oneself are planted the friend of leek, metropolis choice eats ” head knife leek ” . Head stubble leek eats the faint scent in the mouth sweet fragile mouthfeel is a few heavier. Will look with respect to the appearance general the leek of the first knife fine, such leek is more arduous when trim vegetable for cooking. Head stubble is the following leek is a few brawnier, the save labour when choose but on mouthfeel relatively head stubble is weaker.

Why a lot of people say, head stubble leek eats notFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Because this eats leek notLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Be being returned at head stubble is 2 stubble, when having time, oneself are done

Leek boiled dumpling also is appropriate appropriate then is delicate.

Head stubble leek took easy get ill, be true? Won't occupied?

Actually, head stubble leek is to be able to be at ease those who eat, but should notice right amount, the effect of leek introduces with everybody below. Every time in examination of vegetable pesticide remain, leek always is a list of names posted up go up famous, someone says leek is now remain of medicine of vegetable middle peasant is the most serious, became almost ” poisonous dish ” .

“Cucumber of leek of knife of Chinese toon bud, head, poppyhead, lotus root thanking a flower ” 4 delicacy of country be callinged; Common saying said in the past: “Male do not change leek ” , think the man takes leek to do not have benefit, it is incorrect actually, explain according to relevant medical composing, “Food crops is raise, 5 dish are fill ” , of 5 dish head it is leek, for cereal of assist a ruler in governing a country angry fine is tasted; Leek still has a nickname ” remove Yang Cao ” , right intestines and stomach, right human body has profit very much!

The effect of leek:

Filling kidney; Wen Zhonghang is angry; Medicinal powder Yu; Alexipharmic. Advocate kidney empty is impotent; In cold bellyacke; Choke midriff is queasy; Pectoral pain or numbness caused by cold is aching; Nosebleeding blood; Haematemesis; Hematuria; Dysenteric; Haemorrhoid; Carbuncle sore swollen poison; Lacquer sore; Injuries from falls.

Filling kidney lukewarm this world: Leek sex is lukewarm, flavour laborious, but without Zhuangyang component.

Head stubble leek took easy get ill, be true? Won't occupied?

Beneficial liver be good at stomach: Contain the special part such as volatile essence oil and sulfide, send out unique laborious aroma flavor, conduce to thin tone diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain, stomachic, enhance digestive function.

Enrage regulating blood condition all right: The bitter taste of leek has medicinal powderLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Gas of Yu invigorate the circulation of blood, travel guides sluggish action, apply to injuries from falls, queasy, enteritis, haematemesis, bosom painful wait for disease.

Embellish bowel is aperient: Contain a large number of vitamins and crude fibre, bowel of can promotional stomach wriggles, remedial constipation, prevent alvine cancer.