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Black agaric is food of a kind of fungus, live daily in us very popular, basically be the mouthfeel as a result of itself and nutrient value, but to pregnant woman, can black agaric pregnant woman eat, feed a respect to eating for pregnant woman extremely attentive with discretion, so black to eating for pregnant woman agaric can cause what kind of effect to itself, can eat black agaric to pregnant woman, here has very detailed specification, that lets us look carefully together, solve our trouble back at home.

Be pregnant can eat Hei Mu

Pregnant woman can eat Hei Mu ear

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The quantity of meaning edible, unfavorable eat more. Black agaric contains the vitamin B1, B2, carotene, nutriment such as nicotinic acid, among them the volume containing iron of black agaric is extremely high, have the effect that enrich the blood to pregnancy not only, and the immune power that still can enhance pregnant woman oneself. And for calculous to sufferring from ureter pregnant woman, can eat black agaric more a little. Black agaric but attenuant blood, reduce haemal viscosity, have to stone dissolve and the action outside eduction body.

Be pregnant can eat Hei Mu

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1, the effect that black agaric has invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, those who go against embryo is firm and grow, black agaric of edible of pregnant woman excessive may cause have loose bowels, and have loose bowels has the risk that causes miscarriage.

2, black agaric has the effect that avoids thrombus to condense, effect of its invigorate the circulation of blood is more powerful, the black agaric of pregnant woman overeat, once produce haemorrhage phenomenon, very difficult hemostatic, cause dangerous happening easily.

Accordingly, the black agaric of pregnant woman edible that does not suggest pregnant is inchoate commonly. But this also is not absolutely, need is judged according to body constitution of the individual.

Be pregnant can eat Hei Mu

Pregnant woman ate Hei Mu how does ear do

Black agaric oneself has very rich nutriment, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of pleasant of black agaric flavour is smoothShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, have cool blood hemostatic action, because its contain iron the volume is high, can in time be the iron with compensatory and enough human body to pledge, so it is a kind natural enrich the blood food. Black agaric has a lot of profit really to health, but black agaric sex is cold cool, pregnant woman does not suit to eat more.

Pregnant woman is between incubation period, need drains much gas blood, of the gas blood demand before contrast is pregnant grew 3 to arrive fivefold, and female of the easiest loss enrages the food of cold sex blood, although black agaric contains iron much, enrich the blood action is strong. But if overfeeding, because the meeting is cold cool bring about a female to enrage blood to be not worth badly, let pregnant woman can feel all-overish not only, still mayShanghai Long Feng forum

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Affect fetal growth, have the possibility that causes miscarriage more. If eat black agaric and feel unwell because of excessive, must go to a hospital in time seeing a doctor.

Although pregnant woman shoulds not be much,eat black agaric, but the quantity that masters good edible, still can be opposite promote healthy have profit, pregnant woman is in at ordinary times in food, eat black agaric not to exceed 10 grams every time, had better not eat continuously, can conduce to nutrient absorption already so, can avoid edible excessive to give again healthy cause a harm.